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What would you have done if you were in my position - cjd_kitty
What would you have done if you were in my position
Last night, by fate, I decided to check out the Otakon web site to see if there were any hotel blocks for next year's Otakon (I was hoping to get a heads up from one of my fellow DAS'ers about the Days Inn, but didn't happen), and both the Days Inn & Holiday Inn (near the 1st Mariner Arena) were SOLD OUT!!!! I didn't want to spend $200 or more per night for a room closest to the hotel, and with me only working PT and collecting SS Disability, that wasn't an option! I decided to book a room at the Tremont Plaza Hotel which was only less than a half mile from the BCC (4 or 5 blocks, maybe??), and it was the 3rd cheapest rate ($155 per night). I almost went for the Radisson at $155 per night, BUT that's for the single room rate, and 2 or more would be $195!! I really do not want to spend more than I really want to, and even if I have people to share room costs with, $200 for a room is very steep (and don't get me started on the hotel rates of the Gaylord for Katsucon!!).

And speaking of Katsucon....

I'm not really sure if I will make Katsucon next year. For 2 reasons; #1 is financial. Since Katsucon & Tekkoshocon (which I'm a staffer for) were only a month apart), and the blizzards didn't help much, it nearly wiped me out financially, and I skipped a month's rate for that. I don't want to do that again. And #2 is the fact that I have been a gopher for Katsucon for 11 years and I have never been asked to join staff!! Granted, I am very dedicated and hard working, but it has gotten to the point my wheels continue to spin in neutral and it seems that no matter how much dedication I put in, I'm just not moving forward. The majority of the Katsu staff are awesome (especially the Volunteer Staff) and get along fine with them. Maybe it be better if I took a year off from Katsucon before the suffer from con burn-out.

Anyone feel I'm doing the right thing on both these counts?

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