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Just a couple days away - cjd_kitty
Just a couple days away
Can't believe Nekocon is this weekend, and I just about started packing! I finally was able to get a room at the Embassy. I will be staying with another con attendee and AMV panelist Deuce Loosely and 5 other people. My share was $80 for Thursday through Sunday nights, so there's some saved $$ right there. So I canceled the rooms at the Red Roof Inn and Hampton Inn. I plan to leave for Delaware on Thursday and should arrive Hampton Roads by at least 6PM.

I also discovered a new file sharing program since Lime Wire was forced to shut down. It's called BearShare, and I have found many songs Lime Wire couldn't find. The only drawback is the majority of what I download is DRM protected and they in WMA file, so I can't tranfer them to mp3 format, and I can't burn songs that are in wma format. But still, I think it's a pretty decent file sharing program, since Kazaa needs your credit card info, and I don't know if Morpheus still exists.

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