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Doing the right thing? - cjd_kitty
Doing the right thing?
First of all, let me make a strong suggestion:

AVOID PANTY & STOCKING WITH GARTERBELT AT ALL COSTS!!! This is one of the poorest made anime ever made. It doesn't help that this travesty came from Gainax, the studio than can make a decent anime if they want to (Wings Of Honnemaise, Nadia), or make anime to screw with your mind (Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL), or make anime to just tittilate the horny fanboys (Mahoromatic, Petit Princess Yucie). This time, Gainax totally dropped the ball on this one. The animation is poorly done, something like Gainax is trying to spoof the Powerpuff Girls but ended up with a Dead Leaves ripoff. You have no feeling or empathy for the main characters. Garterbelt is a pervert who has a crush on y---g m-- (trying to keep this PG-13, kids), Panty is a made out to be a lolitaistic slut looking for the next one night stand, and Stocking doesn't fare any better, a sugar freak looking like a Visual Kei/J-Metal groupie. The plot is trying to look like Dirty Pair meets Cromartie High School, but ends up an un-watchable mess. It makes me wonder if Junko Mizuno was the character designer for this heap of dung. Never in quite a while that an anime like this infuriated and disgusts me (this is, until I saw Nana to Kaoru). I believe the only audience Panty & Stocking will attract are perverse ecchi fanboys and those with a Beavis & Butthead mentality will have a blast with this. But if any of you had any decent sense of taste, do yourself a favor, and avoid Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. You will thank me later. The only saving grace of this visual mind-screw? The music. A mix of metal and trance that adds a halfway decent touch. Buy the soundtrack, avoid the anime. But be warned; the cover of the soundtrack CD is left to be desired. Cover work that would make the most jaded ecchi fan cringe!

(Now that's out of the system)

This weekend, I was supposed to attend Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, but the weather down the western part of PA was pretty bad (damned Noresters). I had my bags packed in the car and ready to rock. I even called the hotel the night before and that Thursday morning to see what the weather conditions were in Pittsburgh. They pretty much said the same thing; it's just wet snow, a snow and rain mix, nothing's sticking on the ground. What should I have done? Should have I played it safe and stayed home, or just trekked on ahead and fear the worst. I didn't know what to do. So, I called the true voice of reason, my father. And he said that he wouldn't go out to Pittsburgh with the weather bring nasty and all. At that point, the decision was made. I did the smart thing and stayed put. There's always 2012.

On Wednesday, I found out that some of the staff from Info Desk was sent to Registration and others to Bag Check, and found out at the last minute, that I was on Bag Check!!! WTF!! I would have appreciated them to let me know at a decent amount of time and have the schedule set up so in case there were no conflicts and there were events I wanted to attend. But, there was no schedule, no how-to-do Bag Check. I let it be know that I was not happy being on Bag Check and that lack of communication was part of the reason, and requested that I do not want to be on Bag Check for 2012!! The red flag was that the department head e-mailed, saying that he was new to this and I should get in touch with his assistant on Thursday night. Why would he pass on responsibility on his assistant when he was supposed to be the Bag Check head!!

I texted the former Info Desk head and explained, and he said the part of the lack of communication it was his fault and part of it was the Chief Of Staff was replaced, which left a.........let's just leave it at that!

Two weeks ago, I attended my first Zenkaikon at King Of Prussia. I really enjoyed myself and became part of Con Ops staff. The rooms were awesome, with the bathtubs doubling as whirlpools. I'm still putting up my photos on my DeviantArt gallery. I had 4 decent roommates (2 girls, 2 guys, and myself) and no Creepy Chris!

I have been laid off from my job at Arctic Glacier since mid-January and supposed to head back mid-April when work picks up. Tonight, I put in an online application at Comcast for a Customer Service position. Also, it wouldn't hurt to have a job closer to home.

Last month, Foxxi turned 3. She's quite the Foxxi. LOL

Also last month, I was listening to WSTW when the announcer did "Lyrics On The Loose". That's when you have guess the title and artist of the lyrics came from. That line of lyrics went "It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad & blue..." I pulled over and called the station on my cell phone. Waited a few moments, the announcer answered the phone, I gave the answer "Sukiyaki", he asked by whom, I gave him a triple shot of Sukiyaki. The original in the 60's by Kyu Sakamoto, a remake in the 80's by A Taste Of Honey, and in the 90's by 4PM. He was surprised I knew all that!! I won a choice of either a T-Shirt or CD. So the next day I headed down to the studios and chose Maroon 5's "Hands All Over".

BTW, the announcer, WSTW's Mike Rossi, played 4PM's version. It made sense since the group was based on Harve de Grace, MD. What does 4PM stand for? For Positive Music.

This weekend as consolation, Bino got to stay with Foxxi and I for a couple of hours. I enjoy having Bino around, Foxxi always goes after his legs when they play. When Foxxi and Zee play, Zee would swat at Foxxi like at cat, but Foxxi would bop Zee's head with her butt. I guess she doesn't like Zee sniffing her from behind. LOL


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