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Ewww.....another bad anime - cjd_kitty
Ewww.....another bad anime
If you are planning to check out the newest anime releases from Animesuki or Crunchyroll, you may want to steer clear from the newest OVA release, Nana to Kaoru. Based on the manga, Nana is an Honor Student and Kaoru is a pervert, but both of them have a secret; they love S&M. Honestly, I don't see what the smoking hot Nana sees in this creepy, peverted letch in the form of Kaoru. Face it, he's not the hottest dude in the school. I respect geeks and nerds (and I am not ashamed to embrace my inner geek), but this Kaoru is far from geek. He's an outright creepy ecchi who's only friend he has is his computer and....well, trying to keep this PG-13, you can imagine the rest.

What is it with the newest anime releases coming out nowadays? Is it that perversity and creepiness is the new thing? Believe me, I like an occasional ecchi anime with horny, testosterone dudes and gratutious nudity, but that's all.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Nana To Kaoru should definitely be labeled as 18+ just for the S&M scenes and creepiness alone. Watching this made me feel very unclean. So, if you don't want to feel unclean, save your bandwidth and stay the hell away from Nana To Kaoru. I know you will thank me for this.

Maybe I should become an anime reviewer....or not....

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