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Sorry it took a while - cjd_kitty
Sorry it took a while
Tonight, I finally get a chance to let you all know of my experience at last week's Nekocon, and much of it is still fresh in my mind.

Thursday, I left Delaware to head down to Hampton Roads, and it was a pretty dreary, rainy day. On the way down, I was listening to WSTW in my car during the All-Request Lunch Hour and the DJ played a segment called "Rossi's Random Riffs", where Mike Rossi plays a few seconds of a song and if you know the title/artist of the song and the 5th caller, you win a nice prize. I was able to get through with the correct answer ("Here Comes The Rain Again" by Eurythmics....very fitting) and won either a CD of my choice or a T-Shirt (more of what I chose will come later). I arrived the Hampton Roads Convention Center close to 6PM and got registered for Staff, I had dinner at Red Lobster while waiting for Deuce so I can get situated to the hotel room at the Embassy.

I worked the 2PM-8PM shifts at the AMS desk on both Friday & Saturday. Before my shift on Friday, I was allowed to check out the Dealers Room 2 hours before it officially opened to the con attendees. I picked up a couple of anime figures, a couple of Hello Kitty plushies for my neighbor, and a bunch of J-Snacks at the Wizzywig booth, ranging from Pocky to Melon Bread (I bought 2 of them), Black-Black caffeinated gum, Green Tea Kit-Kats, Milk Coffee, Ramune, and Hi-Chews. Because I have bought from Wizzywig at cons past, they gave me a discount on my purchases!

The J-Rock band The Sound Bee HD (courtesy of Tainted Reality) played both Friday & Saturday nights, and I volunteered to work the entrance doors with a counter to count how many attended. The band played LOUD!!! And needless to say, those who attended weren't disappointed.

On Friday night, I decided to check out the How To Draw Yuri panel. On Saturday afternoon, I was given permission to attend the cosplay. I only stayed for the entries and didn't stick around for the halftime portion, and went back to my AMS duties.

I did get one autograph during the entire weekend; voice actor Cristina Vee. I brought a DVD copy of Kannazuki no Miko for her to autograph, and a small white plushie bear as a present. Unbelievable as this may sound, but Cristina wanted my autograph on the tag of the plushie! I gladly complied. That was a first for me. I hung out at the Con Ops desk to help out with Lost & Found. A pretty good way to kill some time.

Before the post-con staff dinner, I checked into the Red Roof Inn for a room for the night, and a very good price ($35). The dinner was held at the Olive Garden, and it was good way to cap off a very successful Nekocon.

Monday morning, I departed the Red Roof for the ride home to Delaware, and at least the weather was much nicer (sunny, in fact). After crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, I decided to have breakfast at the World-Famous Stingray Restaurant. I have heard very good reviews about so I decided to try it. You have to order your meal at the counter and they take it over to your table. The food and price were both very good!!

I arrived home at around 3:30PM, just in time for a home-cooked dinner (even it was leftovers from the previous night). The next day, I went to the WSTW studios and chose my prize: a Paramore CD.

Check out my cosplay photos in my DeviantArt gallery:



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ramothhe From: ramothhe Date: November 17th, 2010 02:03 am (UTC) (Link)
Heyy, Carmen! I always enjoy reading your writeups about cons and staffing and such. My question is, have you ever considered staffing Zenkaikon? We are actively recruiting. Let me know, and I can direct you to our online application :)
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