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Last night, by fate, I decided to check out the Otakon web site to see if there were any hotel blocks for next year's Otakon (I was hoping to get a heads up from one of my fellow DAS'ers about the Days Inn, but didn't happen), and both the Days Inn & Holiday Inn (near the 1st Mariner Arena) were SOLD OUT!!!! I didn't want to spend $200 or more per night for a room closest to the hotel, and with me only working PT and collecting SS Disability, that wasn't an option! I decided to book a room at the Tremont Plaza Hotel which was only less than a half mile from the BCC (4 or 5 blocks, maybe??), and it was the 3rd cheapest rate ($155 per night). I almost went for the Radisson at $155 per night, BUT that's for the single room rate, and 2 or more would be $195!! I really do not want to spend more than I really want to, and even if I have people to share room costs with, $200 for a room is very steep (and don't get me started on the hotel rates of the Gaylord for Katsucon!!).

And speaking of Katsucon....

I'm not really sure if I will make Katsucon next year. For 2 reasons; #1 is financial. Since Katsucon & Tekkoshocon (which I'm a staffer for) were only a month apart), and the blizzards didn't help much, it nearly wiped me out financially, and I skipped a month's rate for that. I don't want to do that again. And #2 is the fact that I have been a gopher for Katsucon for 11 years and I have never been asked to join staff!! Granted, I am very dedicated and hard working, but it has gotten to the point my wheels continue to spin in neutral and it seems that no matter how much dedication I put in, I'm just not moving forward. The majority of the Katsu staff are awesome (especially the Volunteer Staff) and get along fine with them. Maybe it be better if I took a year off from Katsucon before the suffer from con burn-out.

Anyone feel I'm doing the right thing on both these counts?

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http://jpop52.deviantart.com/gallery (sorry for the shameless plug. I have been adding my cosplay photos for my gallery)

Ok, sorry for the week delay, but I am finally ready to give my Otakon report. It was a shame that weekend flew by too quickly.

I left home Thursday a little before 1 to pick up Jose. Down the way, Jose forgot his ninja boots, which was part of his costume, so we had to drive back to his place to get them. We only lost 1/2 hour and he paid for the tolls on I-95. We were later caught up in a passing storm. By a little after 4, we arrived at the Days Inn and met our other 2 roomies, Kitsu & Jefferson. After relaxing, we headed down to the BCC to pre-reg. We had a pretty good room at the Days Inn, which included a refirgerator and microwave oven.

Friday rolls around, and even though I brought my ROD The TV DVD to have autographed by Tomonori Ochikoshi, Koji Masunari, & Masashi Ishihama, I thought I would take a quick trip to the Dealers Room to find anything from ROD The TV, when I walked in, there was an ROD The TV wall scroll hanging on the side of Alicia's Anime's booth, that caught my eye. I asked if they had another one I can purchase, and she said that there is one back at their shop. I explained that I am attending the autographed session of those involved in the ROD The TV anime, so she sold the wall scroll she had hanging for $14, I said SOLD! I bought it and ran back to the autograph line. Ochikoshi, Masunari, & Ishihama autographed both the wall scroll and the DVD, and even personalized both!

Later, I thought I would kill a little time before the Yoshida Brothers concert, so I checked out the Anime Game Show (Bad Anime, Bad! was full) for a 1/2 hour. After that I checked out the concert, and Ryoichiro & Kenichi Yoshida put on an excellent show. They make even the most traditional folk music a rocking experience. They played the shamisen like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eddie Van Halen plays electric guitar. I managed to get my Peavey electric guitar autographed by the brothers. At 11, I caught the Draw & Appreciate Yuri for Beginners panel.

Saturday, I decided to check out the Artists Alley. I met one of artists from Filthy Figments and we got to talking and asked about sketches. She said she is willing to commission for any denomination I was willing to give. So, I pulled out one of my Teddy Bears (the other was for Stephanie Sheh) and asked if she was willing to do a sketch for a teddy bear. She said yes, and she loved the little furry pet. I asked if she could draw for me a sketch of Filthy Figments' main female characters (ID, Regina, & Cathy) nude and in a sexy pose (not explicit, but sexy). It was in pencil and it was very nicely drawn. (http://www.filthyfigments.com ) I went in line for the Home Made Kazoku autograph session (I dropped my gift for Stephanie off for the Public Safety staffer in charge). While waiting, we were told that EVERYONE had to evacuate the convention center because the fire alarm went off. Some jackass figured it was hilarious to pull the fire alarm, but 25000+ anime fans, staffers, artists, dealers, and guests didn't think that way. They were out in the 90 degree humidity, waiting to get back inside. When we were able to get back inside, only dealers & artists were allowed in first. But because I was medically cleared, a couple of staffers let me come inside, and even gave me a wheelchair to sit and water & Gatorade to hydrate me. Because of that stunt, the HMK autograph session was canceled, so I would to attend their Sunday concert to get their autograph. I caught the Anime Name That Tune, and then caught a quick nap and attended the Saturday night Cosplay. It was a very well run cosplay. The majority of the acts were pretty decent (one skit featured Sailor Moon characters & Captain Harlock in a Devil Went Down To Georgia spoof, and another featuring the characters from the mindtrip Angel Sanctuary). For halftime, Otakon pulled out all the stops when Yoshiki & Sugizo from X-Japan performed 2 songs for the excited crowd. The twosome didn't need vocals, just the piano and violin was enough to keep the magic alive.

After the cosplay, I caught a late dinner at California Tortilla and headed back to the BCC for one of the most unique program entitled Cosplay Burlesque. Which combined cosplay with the humor, bawdiness, and striptease of a burlesque show. In between comedy skits by James Hatton & DJ Nak, the attendees were treated to sexy stripteasing by Madison, Luna Chase, Lily Stitches, Murder Nurse, and Victoria Belmont who cosplayed charaters like Kekko Kamen, Link (Legend Of Zelda), Chii (Chobits), Bad Girl (No More Heroes), Codex (The Guild), and Jill Valentine (Resident Evil). Not too worry, the girls were wearing pasties. The fangirls even got a little taste of male testosterone courtesy of Zenithan & Nexu who cosplayed as Tamahome (Fushigi Yugi) and Tuxedo Kamen (Sailor Moon). ( http://www.cosplayburlesque.com )

Needless to say, the vendors were out in full force during the con. There were street vendors selling ice cold water and sodas and at night, the ice cream vendors were parked in the front of the Convention Center selling their soft serve treats. And thankfully, the Starbucks inside the convention center was still open for entire weekend. I even had 2 Strawberries & Cream Frappichios during the entire weekend.

Sunday was the final day of the con, and before checking out the Dealers Room one last time, I headed down to the Home Made Kazoku concert. Small MC Micro, Medium MC Kuro, and Large DJ U-Ichi put on one exciting, upbeat, and fun performance with their happy hip-hop beats and onstage energy that kept the attendees dancing and moving to the beat. Their set list included fan faves "Shonen Heart" (Eureka 7), "Shooting Star" (Naruto), and "No Rain No Rainbow" (Naruto Shippuden: The Movie). They did an autograph session after the concert and the only item they had for sale were T-Shirts (I imagine their CD's which they sold in the Dealers Room sold out). I had my electric guitar ready to have Micro, Kuro, & U-ichi, which they did.

Before Jose and I left for home, he decided to buy a jug of homemade beer from the restaurant/pub next to the Days Inn. After we came from under the Tunnel, the jug broke from the bottom of the jug (I just spent $100 to have my car cleaned and detailed, and thankfully the beer stench lasted only a few days). When we got on Route 1 to Bel Air, I stopped at the Giant so Jose and can buy paper towels and water to clean the mess. Thankfully for his sake, the brew didn't leak onto the cloth part of the floor board. If it exploded in the trunk, I would have been U-BER PISSED!!!

Overall, it was a nice Otakon, even though the weekend flew by very quickly. I took many photos during the con, so when you on DeviantArt (see link), check them out.

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This week, I wanted to reserve my room at the Embassy Suites for Nekocon in November. I called Reservations and they informed me that all the rooms have SOLD OUT!!!! WTF!!!! How in the hell can they sell out all the rooms and it's July!! And what sucks more, is that the Nekocon website FAILED TO MENTION this!! Why wasn't the website updated as far room availabilities go, they only mentioned that the con rate ends October 5th. Somebody in Neko Webmaster central needs pull its head out out of its ass and get with the program!! People planning on attending Nekocon needs to informed about things like this. Totally fucked up, that's what it is.

Well, so much for free breakfast buffet.....

I reserved a room at the Red Roof Inn just 2 blocks from the HRCC, which come to $54 per night, including a microwave and refrigerator. I reserved it from Thursday night until Monday noon. Looking at the costs, 4 nights at the Days Inn is pretty much equal to 2 nights at the Embassy Suites (@ $139 per night). For those who think I'm lowering my standards, THAT IN NOT THE CASE!! I believe in saving money (with me collecting Disability & only working weekends) whenever possible, and sleeping cheap is the best way. If I did get a room at the Embassy, I would have to ask for others to help defer room costs, like what I'm doing for Otakon next week. Sharing the room with people I know, as apposed to total strangers (or creepy HockeyKamen Chris, for that matter), and people I trust and have roomed with in the past, which makes a very comfortable, peaceful, & uneventful con experience.

This week, I got my Toyota detailed. I got it cleaned inside & out. It costs me $100, but very well worth it. I'll say it looks very nice. The Encore channels were coming up tiles, so I made an appointment for the Comcast guy to arrive at my place between 1 & 3. To my pleasant surprise, he arrived at 12:30!! I found out the cable box was going bad, and replaced it with a new one.

Sunday, I went with the family and out neighbor to Feby's Fishery & Restaurant. I ordered a Shrimp Scampi with Filet Mingon. It was very good, and the shrimp and very large!

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Last Wednesday, my Hard Drive gave out, but thankfully about 95% of my music was saved in my External HD. Dell Tech Support sent me a new HD and Friday it arrived. I didn't want for my neighbor to help me install, so I took a bit of initiative and called Dell Tech Support and they walked me through the installment. I successfully managed to install it with no trouble. I had to re-up programs like LimeWire & UTorrent. Otakon is only 2 1/2 weeks away, and so far I got in touch with 2 of my roomies, Jose & Jefferson. I will get a hold Rob before too long, but it looks like it's still a go!

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I was able to catch the tail end of the MTV Movie Awards on VH1 when the 2nd Twilight film won best picture. Did any of you catch the how many time the word fuck was aired during the cast' acceptance speech? I must have counted over five f-bombs, and it sounded like MTV weren't ready for that because they couldn't hit the censor button fast enough. If I had a TiVo, I would have recorded it for posterity.

Also, VH1 is debuting a new show, "You're Cut Off". A reality show where a group of Paris Hilton-esque spoiled rich girls get a very brutal reality wake up call when they are cut off of their wild spendings, prima donna attitudes, and spoiled rich girl fantasies. Looks like humility is going to bite them in their asses. This show's looks good already.

My DVD-RW Drive gave out so Dell send me a brand new one free of charge since it was covered and it arrived the next day! I guess all that burning of mp3s and fansub anime files took its heavy toll on my drive.

I also got a 256MB Graphics Card. Now all I need to get is a monitor that is HDMI compatible.

Last week, Foxxi got her hair cut for the summer season. She still has her playtime with her playmate, Bino. And now she another dog vying for her affection; a Beagle/Daschund mix named Zee (his original name was Zero....what a horrible name for a dog!). There is another Chihuahua in my neighborhood, Sadie. She is such a cuite. She used to be very shy and standoff-ish, but she's slowly coming out of her shell. Sadie when runs over to me. The other when I went to my father's place of work to pick him up. When we got home, I saw Sadie and she came running over to me and jumped into my car! And another dog, a Schnauzer named Lola, recently got her hair cut. Foxxi is sure getting many doggie friends!

I am now on Last.fm. My user name is djsentaigaijin, as in DJ Sentai Gaijin. Anyone interested going into my profile, here's the link:


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I finally got my batteries charged so I can finally write about my experience at last weekend's Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh. This year's Tekko was different than the previous 7, because it became a 4-Day event, with pre-reg and activities starting on Thursday. No one expected the line to be long for Thursday, but they must have the day off from school or work to enjoy the con.

I left Delaware at 4AM (I'm still not the early riser I used to be) and made it to Pittsburgh by 11AM (stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast in Breezewood along the way). Checked into my room at the Hilton and took a 2-hour nap before starting my shift at Info Desk.

After the shift was over, I attended the Voice Actor Audition panel ran by voice actor Carrie Savage. I was one of the participants for the "audition" when the number I chose was correct. The number was "29", BTW. Carrie gave me a script of a character called a quaggmire (something like that) that was peaceful, calm, but when agitated, "hulks up", and man, did I really played the part. Carrie really liked the way I performed the part, and thought I nailed it. Maybe I could make Voice Acting a 2nd career. After the panel, I attended the Uncle Yo concert, followed by the "geek rock" of Leetstreet Boys, who did a pretty decent cover of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Tekko didn't have one, but 2 J-Rock acts, courtesy of Tainted Reality; Luzmelt and Suicide Ali. Each band performed an hour-plus set on both Friday & Saturday nights. I attended the Friday night concerts, starting with the 5-member Visual Kei band, Luzmelt. They put on a very hard rocking performance. Their stage presence recalls the 80's Glam-era of Poison, Motley Crue, and Faster Pussycat, combined with musical ferocity of Ratt, Warrant, and even early Metallica. It was amazing how guitarists Kaie & Asuka play while hopping on one leg. The hard driving rhythm section of bassist Zig & drummer Miu kept the rhythm rocking, and singer Yuhma howled & roared as the fans squealed in delight. Kaie & Asuka threw guitar picks and Miu threw drumsticks to the excited fans (the fans got excited when Zig threw an empty water bottle to the crowd and they were going for it!!).

Afterwards, Suicide Ali took to the stage with their brand of Visual Kei & Goth rock. Last time I saw this J-Rock foursome, they were at last year's Nekocon. Vocalist Goshi, guitarist Hiroshi, bassist Kozi, & drummer Hisashi didn't disappoint. Both bands held autograph sessions at Midnight on Friday & Saturday nights. I wanted to get my guitar autographed, but the policy didn't change. They will only autograph their own legal merchandise (i.e. - CD's). Roger, who emceed for Tainted Reality's acts, kept the crowd excited and enthusiastic. I love his enthusiasm, but he needs to cut back on the Red Bull & Mountain Dew.

Friday night, after Suicide Ali, Johnny Yong Bosch & his band Eyeshine took to the stage with their brand of "edge rock".

Before the Luzmelt/Suicide Ali double feature on Friday night, for those who missed Uncle Yo & Leetstreet Boys Thursday night, both Yo & the Leets made encore performances.

Saturday afternoon, I attended the charity auction, led by Carrie Savage, to raise money for books so the children can go to their neighborhood libraries and learn to read. The items ranged from autographed DVD's to posters, CD's, t-shirts, and even cosplay costumes made and worn by the late Tekko staffer Stacey Burger, who passed away of Leukemia. I even participated in the auction. I made a winning bid of $75 for a Shuffle starter set, which included Volume 6 of Shuffle, autographed signatures by the voice actors who participated in the dub, and last but not least, a pair of "GOD" panties. A pair of purple panties with the word "GOD" in yellow on it.

Before the cosplay, Pittsburgh's favorite son, Vic Mignogna, performed a concert which mixed anime theme songs with his own original compositions. Then the cosplay followed, which featured some very well performed acts as well as a fashion show featuring the hall cosplayers. The cosplay was very well put together and ran smoothly, which made it more enjoyable (you rock, Patches, for putting together an awesome cosplay).

For those who missed Luzmelt & Suicide Ali on Friday night, or those who couldn't get enough, the bands performed their respected sets. But, I settled for the 10:30 Mari Ijima panel. She arrived in Pittsburgh earlier that day and had to leave the following evening for she had to come home to her pet bunny. Mari, a musical guest from Tekkos past, performed a very emotional Sunday afternoon concert which combined her original compositions and music from Macross (she was Lynn Minmay, after all). When she performed the theme from "Macross - Do You Remember Love", there wasn't a dry eye in main events.

At the Artist Alley, I met a comic artist/illustrator who hails from Canada who goes by Meomeo. She made me a commission sketch of Sakura from Naruto and Winry from Full Metal Alchemist. They are both nude with Sakura, licking her lips, and placing her hnd on Winry's cheek, as she attempts to place her finger in Winry's bellybutton, while Winry with her back against the wall, shoots a terrified and nervous look. If I had to make a title for it, I would call it "Panic Button". I would call it sexy and silly.

The other guests included voice actors Greg Ayres, Todd Haberkorn (Soul Eater, D-Gray Man, Ouran High Host Club), Kyle Hebert (Bleach, Naruto, Gurren Lagann), Colleen Clickenbeard (Soul Eater, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Chronicle), Christopher Smith (Naruto, Bleach, Tenjho Tenge), Wendy Powell (Full Metal Alchemist, Claymore), and for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans, Robert Axelrod (Lord Zed, Finster) and Barbara Goodson (Empress Rita).

I did get my guitar autographed by Eyeshine, Leetstreet Boys, and Mari Ijima, BTW.

Sunday night, the staff were treated to a post-con staff dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square.

This year, I had a much better time than I did last year. I took many photos which will be on display in my DeviantArt account ( http://jpop52.deviantart.com/ ).

Also, representatives from Viper energy drink were on hand to give out free unlimited samples (Mango is the most popular). One more thing, there were many Vocaloid cosplayers. Vocaloids is the new popular thing.

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Yesterday after work, I stopped by the Acme at Pike Creek Shopping Center and met, and got autographs from, 2 of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders (Monica & Cheryl were their names) and LDT Trevor Laws (#93).

Parents and Foxxi are away for a week down Florida, which means I'm house sitting. Good thing Foxxi was able to get some play time in with Bino. Hopefully, Zee (the Dachshund/Beagle mix) can hold on just one more week. Zee also has a crush on Foxxi. Zee would even walk over to the Forure waiting for Foxxi.

Recently got a new anime; Marmalade Boy Ultimate Scrapbook Volume 4, which consists of the final 20 episodes of this nice shoujo series.

Two more weeks until Tekkoshocon. Days sure fly by fast.

Two weeks ago, I picked up Vampire Princess Miyu TV Vol. 3: Illusion, and The Wrestler, which starred Mickey Roarke. A very good film!

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After my taxes were finished, I found out I will be getting money back; $791 from Federal and $184 from PA. Almost $1000 back!

Yesterday, was Foxxi's birthday. She turned 2 years old. I bought her 2 Tail Waggin cookies for dogs.

Day after Katsucon, my computer got attacked by another virus, but the Dell Tech Support saved the day again, and at least it didn't take 5 hours, less than actually.

I decided to do a bit of upgrading and get a graphics card with 512 MB memory.

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Yesterday I came back home from Katsucon with mixed feelings, but there were many factors involved for this:

1. The last snowstorm. I had to leave on Friday by 10AM to avoid the AM rush hour. I usually arrive Thursday night to get a head start on my volunteering hours, but being that there was no Thursday Night pre-reg and NO gopher crash-space was available this year, I had to drop that idea because I didn't want to drop cash for another hotel night.

2. A sense of overwhelming. Katsucon was in a new facility at the Gaylord. It seems many attendees and even some staffers felt a bit of overwhelm-ness and sometimes confusion because it was a first time at the Gaylord and some just were prepared to what they were expecting. (i.e. - a lot of walking, confusion to where certain events are). But, no con is perfect. You always got to have bumps in the road.

3. Communication. There were times that I was sent to either Live 1 for Line Wrangling, only to find out that there was NO crowded line for me to wrangle, or being sent to another room and then being told they only needed me for an hour. Again, I do not fault the Volunteering staff! After letting rational thought sink in, I knew that the Volunteer staff was put in a very tough position with being in a new facility and all. They really stand out through great adversity.

4. Attitude of a few staffers. Some of them really need to check their dis-illusions of grandeur at the door. When I was stationed to check badges outside the Artists Alley/Game Room, I thought I left my camera in the Security Office, so with me having no radio, I ran real quick to check if it was there, only to be berated and humiliated by one of the male security staffers (the one who wore a t-shirt with a piece of cake on it). Instead on speaking to me in a normal tone, he said it in a raised and condescending voice, further adding to the humiliation. After my 2 hour shift was over, one security staffer said they didn't want me to work security anyone. I was floored!! As was a few other security staffers, so Daphne, the head of Security, pulled me aside and said that there was no where to put me. Which I understood. She was extremely kind to give me a nice recommendation. It's not easy to check badges when you got TWO OPEN DOORS with attendees going in & out. Also, I figured you must have REALLY thick skin to work security, which have the toughest tasks at any con. I CAN'T HELP IF I'M JUST TOO FRIGGIN' NICE!! I JUST DON'T BELIEVE IN CONFRONTATION! CAN I HELP IT IF I'M NOT A HARD-ASS?? IS IT MY FUCKING PROBLEM I DON'T HAVE A "I'M BETTER THAN YOU" ATTITUDE TOWARD MY FELLOW STAFFERS/ATTENDEES/GOPHERS?? (Whew! That being said...)

5. The Saturday Night Cosplay. I thought the acts were awesome (I had to leave before the skits ended because I needed to get food) and well put together, but the hosts were a different story. I just felt an uneasy vibe. All the hosts did was elicit groans from their bad puns (I mean..."bear bottom"). It just killed the mood altogether, which nearly made it grueling to appreciate and enjoy the cosplay. It kinda looked like Paris Hilton & Leighton Meester onstage hosting the Grammys. Kara Dennison, one of the co-hosts and a very accomplished cosplayer, would have been better off with these 3 suggestions; (1) carry the hosting duties solo (I don't even WANT to know her co-host's credentials, but hosting ain't her high point); (2) have fellow accomplished cosplayer Stephanie "Tiki" Brown (famous for cosplaying as Naga The Serpent, Fujiko Mine, & Iczer-2 among others) to co-host, for it's time for her to step out from the Judges' table and shine brightly on the stage and help carry the cosplay with her no-nonsense approach; or (3) even have a male counterpart as her co-host, namely Mr. Arsene Lupin/Captain Jack Sparrow/DJ extraordinare Rob Lantz, whom carried to cosplay hosting duties for Katsucons past.

But there silver linings at the end of those clouds:

1. Registration were awesomely kind to the handicapped. They let me ahead of the line to pre-reg.

2. The Hampton Inn across the street from the Gaylord. I gotten an upgrade for almost $20 more, but the room was very specious and nice! There was a refrigerator, a microwave oven, & a complimentary breakfast every morning! Saturday morning, there were mini-cheese omelettes, different kinds of cereal, and 2 waffle irons with which you make your own waffles! Sunday morning there were sliced kielbasa sausages & 2 kinds of scrambled eggs; 1 plain and 1 with cheese. There were also Tortillas with which you can make your own breakfast burritos.

3. The return of the Maid Cafe!! Kudos to all the maids for their hard work!

4. Unicorn Table!! They put on a fabulous, exciting concert. Lead by the guitar work of Shin-Go and the powerful vocals of singer Salia, and backed by the pounding bass of Ken, thesilky-smooth keyboard of Atsushi, and the powerhouse drumming of Junko (yes, girls can ROCK!!!) work they performed songs from their new full-length CD, "Into The Future", plus "Fly Away" from Jinki:Extend, "Trust" from Vandread", and "Amai Yume" from School Rumble. After the concert, I got my Peavey electric guitar autographed by the band, and I didn't even have to buy anything from their booth because I got clearance. Since I presented Salia with a cute bear. Salia also made an appearance at Katsucon 2006.

5. Yunmao Ayakawa, extraodinary cosplayer and leader of the Nihon Maid Association Workshop.

6. By Sunday, I was 1 hour SHORT of free pre-reg for next year's Katsu, so the Volunteer staff played a little game called Name That Tune. They played a snipped of an 80's song, and I knew the answer in 2 seconds; "Surrender" by Cheap Trick. That correct answer helped me get free pre-reg for Katsucon 2011.

7. Awesome roomies! All from DAS!!

I will likely return to Katsucon next year, and I'm sure any chinks in the iron from this year will be smoothed out to make Katsu 2011 run smoother.

Katsucon photos on now on my DeviantArt gallery. Go to: http://jpop52.deviantart.com/gallery

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Wednesday my mother, sister, and myself went to the Cinemark Movies 10 to see "The Blind Side". It was a pretty good film. We went to the matinee showing, which the total of 3 tickets cost $17.25. The last time I went to the movies was when I saw the Michael Jackson film, "This Is It". With the cost of going to the cinema pretty pricey, it's no wonder I wait for DVD. When I used to work for AMC Theatres from 1989-2002, I was able to see films free of charge (that is when the employees were still allowed to have privileges and not taken away due to concession shortages). Nowadays, not so much.

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